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TikTok Shares Tips For Advertisers to Maximize Campaign Performance


TikTok has shared some insights and tips for advertisers to maximize the success of their campaigns for the upcoming holiday season, which is likely also going to have an intended impact on influencer marketing campaigns as well.

The popular short form app has published a new overview of what they believe are the key steps that a business can take to improve the performance of an ad campaign.

Here is a snippet of the article:

All good marketers want to make sure their campaigns take flight, soar to great performance heights, and land successfully with their audiences. But how do you navigate the TikTok auction in order to hit your marks? Read on for our insider tips to optimize ad performance. We will walk through performance best practices in the following chronological steps, from setup to delivery:

  1. Gear up: Signals
  2. Set your sights: Targeting
  3. Fuel your ads: Creative
  4. Plot the flight path: Bidding and budget
  5. Steer to your goal: Adjusting in-flight

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